Bitcoin Google Searches Slip to 2021 Low, NFT Sustains Strength

Bitcoin Google Searches

Online searches of Bitcoin have dropped to the lowest level this year, while those of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have continued to grow. 

Google searches of Bitcoin have fallen to their lowest position this year, as the digital token finds difficulties in returning to the $50,000 level. A decline was also seen in the number of ‘buy Bitcoin’ searches, widening the gap from the peak in January and February.

Bitcoin searches on Google soared to a record high in May, after reaching $65,000 as popular investor Elon Musk voiced concerns on energy consumption and the Chinese crackdown on Bitcoin and mining activities.

NFT Google searches have continued to grow for most of 2021, after reaching a record high just recently. Searches have sustained the high level ever since, bringing the asset to the main stage.

NFT attention has been driven by the entry of popular investors into the space, including musicians, actors, politicians, and athletes.

Source: CryptoPotato

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