Algorand Foundation Appoints New CEO Amid Expansion Plans

Algorand Foundation Appoints New CEO

Algorand Foundation has appointed Staci Warden as the new Chief Executive Officer to expand its offering. She replaces Sean Lee, who has served for 18 months. 

Warden gained interest in the crypto space while working at the Milken Institute between 2013 and 2021, where she oversaw the organization’s market development activities.

She worked at JPMorgan for eight years prior to joining Milken, where she led the firm’s public sector in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa markets with a focus on capital markets.

The new executive is experienced in capital market development and financial inclusion in developing countries. She cites the use cases of the emerging blockchain technology and how it is changing the financial sector in developing countries where the intermediaries are not well structured.

Algorand’s Foundation Board Chairman, Kieron Guilfoyle, remarked that Warden grasps the potential of Algorand towards becoming a dominant layer-one chain, especially moving into an expansion phase.

Algorand Foundation aims to develop an open, public, and permissionless blockchain through open-source software.

Source: Blockworks

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