Snoop Dog Bets on Cardano for NFT Collection With Clay Nation

Snoop Dog Bets on Cardano

American rapper Snoop Dog has partnered with Clay Nation for the NFT collection featuring unreleased music and Clay Nation plots on Cardano.

Clay Nation says that the project has set 19,500 lands for holders to be allocated on a 1:1 basis in Sonic and Underworld to have new users come from outside Cardano to the platform.

The partnership first became public when the co-creator of IO Global, Charles Hoskinson, announced in a clip featuring clay characters of Snoop Dog and Champ Medici.

The news comes amid a slowing NFT marketplace, with the sales of popular collectibles reducing significantly. NFT marketplace OpenSea posted $2.5 billion in sales in March compared to $5 billion in January.

The decline is attributed to the macro risks seen in the cryptocurrency space and the fear that the regulators may eventually adopt unfavorable policies in the sector.

Clay Nation comprises 10,000 digital characters that are algorithmically set, with every distinct character representing an NFT based on the Cardano blockchain.

Source: Twitter 

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