A Whale Investor Moves $147.7M Worth of XRP amid Strong Buying Activity

A Whale Investor Moves $147.7M Worth of XRP

Anonymous crypto investor transferred $147.7 million worth of XRP today, as a purchase of 14 million XRP tokens is recorded on Binance Exchange.

Two anonymous wallets moved over $70 million worth of XRP among themselves. A minute later, one of the wallets transferred almost the same amount in the XRP blockchain. 

The wallet that made the transfer bought $15.7 million worth of XRP reportedly from Binance Exchange before moving the funds to private wallet addresses.

XRP jumped 3.5% in reaction to the news, after a dip of 11.6% a day before.

Binance has no record of the big transfers, clearing speculation of any intention to sell by the investor. It could only be a sale if the transaction were an over-the-counter settlement, normally completed with a third party’s help. 

While anonymous wallets transfer huge funds, big investors also use the exchanges in such transactions. 

Source: Twitter

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