Top 5 Binance Smart Chain Metaverse Projects

Top 5 Binance Smart Chain Metaverse Projects

The metaverse brings with it the promise of a more interactive, immersive internet, where even fictional digital objects can be experienced in 3D. With VR, AR, and mixed reality, people can play, work and interact online with each other using life-like avatars. 

The metaverse itself is still in its early stages of development. The blockchain concept, on the other hand, is much more developed, as is evident in the crypto space. This blockchain technology provides an avenue through which we can explore the metaverse as early as now. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network hosts a variety of metaverse projects.

The metaverse and crypto

The main idea behind the metaverse revolution is the merging of the real world with digital creations. The crypto space has seen the development of blockchain technology, which has provided a useful stepping stone into the metaverse space. 

Blockchain has several properties that make it well-suited to be utilized in the metaverse. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Proof of ownership – It is easy to prove ownership of the crypto tokens and coins in one’s possession. Users can create objects such as art pieces, which can then be collected and traded as traditional art. Such artwork is called non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Transferrable value – Through cryptocurrencies, payments can be made anywhere in the world in a secure manner. 
  • Fair governance – In a blockchain, decisions are made equitably by members through consensus and democratic voting systems. 
  • Easily accessible – Any adult can easily create a crypto wallet and own crypto assets. 
  • Compatibility – Blockchain technology allows for the creation of different platforms that are compatible with each other. 

The metaverse and gaming

The gaming industry has seen the metaverse concept make tremendous progress, especially in regards to creating immersive 3D environments. Game developers worldwide continue to push the limits of what the virtual worlds they create can do. As opposed to the limitations of traditional role-playing games (RPGs), these developers are creating sandboxes that, in addition to gaming, you can attend concerts and other events.

Additionally, these virtual worlds are coming with their own economies, containing their own financial systems. Users can trade in-game collectibles, skins, and other items, as well as play to earn crypto tokens.

Below are the top BSC metaverse projects of 2021. is essentially a virtual casino that is run by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This virtual casino is fueled by its utility token called DG. Users earn DG by playing games, voting to make governance decisions, and providing liquidity. 

Payments for successful players are obtained from the dgTreasury. To play casino games on the platform, players have to pay transaction fees to the dgTreasury in the form of MANA or DAI. In return, they generate the DG tokens as they play, bringing to life the play-to-earn concept of the multiverse. 


TopGoal is a card game in which football stars, clubs, and other sports teams are licensed. These cards are then traded as NFTs. People can then buy several of these NFTs and build a team following the fantasy football concept of play. With said teams, these NFT holders can then pit their teams against other teams held by other players. On the TopGoal platform, you can also buy specific historical moments in sports from re-known players.

Cyber Dragon

Cyber Dragon is a treasure hunting game that follows the role-playing game mode of play. On it, players recruit NFT characters to hunt for treasure and loot. The ultimate aim of the game is to obliterate the Cyber Dragon, the major villain who holds a plethora of treasures. 

When BinaryX developed this game, they designed it to work through a dual token system. BNX coins are used as a governance token, while Gold is used to make in-game purchases. Any payments made by players are collectively stored in the Cyber Dragon’s treasure chest, which grows gradually. Whenever this villain is slain, the accumulated treasure is doled out as spoils to the victor.

The game also contains side missions in the form of dungeons and quests to complete, such as mining tasks. As is common in RPGs, the NFT characters are also divided into classes and are assigned different attributes, and players can earn life skills and combat skills as they progress. 

Alien Worlds

This is an NFT game that can be found on the BSC, Ethereum, and WAX networks. In this game, users can own land, fight other players and collect tokens, all in a science fiction-themed galaxy. The rewards from this game are in the form of the Trillium (TLM) crypto coin. 

This game allows its users to take part in elections and other governance decisions and collect tokens that can be used to mine TLM coins and complete various in-game quests. They can also stake their accumulated NFTs behind planets, with the aim of increasing their rewards and increasing their voting rights.


SecondLive is a 3D sandbox, which provides a digital world in which users can trade, work, interact and create content. Users can build customized avatars on this platform, which they can then use to explore the various offerings of the platform.

With the avatar editor, users can create and customize their own avatars. These avatars could then participate in any of the various games, concerts, talks, or visit the malls on the platform. Users also have the option to customize their own spaces within the sandbox. SecondLive also offers a marketplace on which NFTs can be traded. It has also been known to host several BSC events.


Though the metaverse is still in its early stages of development, it is possible to access it through various projects on blockchains such as the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks. Most of these projects are concerned with the gaming industry, which has made the biggest strides in the move towards the metaverse. Such games provide virtual worlds in which users can collect and earn tokens as they play, while others even allow users to create their own content and monetize it.

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