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DigitalCurrencySignal employs a team of expert traders who provide crypto trading signals on a daily basis. The vendor claims this service lets you trade like a professional without analyzing trading charts throughout the day. Of course, every seller claims their system is the best and we need to conduct our own investigation before reaching a verdict. Thus, it becomes necessary to conduct this DigitalCurrencySignal review. 

From the very beginning, we can see the lack of transparency surrounding this system. We don’t have any data on the parent company’s service history and there is no official address provided for the headquarters. The vendor has shared the links to a Telegram channel and a WhatsApp number. We also have an email address and a link to the official Instagram account. There is a contact form on the official webpage that you can use to send a message.

DigitalCurrencySignal overview 

There is a severe dearth of information on the official website. The vendor has made tall claims about the system without properly explaining the features. As per our understanding, this signal provider does not have any unique features as even the vendor has not highlighted any. 

Signal performance for the month of June.

They have shared the details of the pricing plans and the latest trading results. However, the results seem to have been manufactured by the vendor, since they are not published on a third-party website. For the month of June, we can see that the total profit was 1582% for 119 signals. This is highly unrealistic, and there is no way such a huge profit can be made in just one month. The vendor claims that to date, DigitalCurrencySignal has generated a profit of 17036% via 1030 signals.

The signals provided by this service tell you when to enter a trade and when you exit it. They also tell you when to close the order and move the stop loss. Users receive all signals, strategies, trading tips, and analysis results via Telegram. You can also choose to receive them via WhatsApp or Email.

The professional analysts employed by the company monitor the market 24/7. DigitalCurrencySignal is compatible with different crypto exchanges like Kucoin, OKEx, Changelly, and Binance. Customer support is provided via Telegram.

The idea behind DigitalCurrencySignal 

Every crypto trading service provider needs to have a mission statement. Crypto traders mostly belong to the younger generations, and they want to make sure the company has plans to do something special in the future. Unfortunately, we cannot find any such statement for DigitalCurrencySignal. As such, it feels like another signal provider throwing some random figures in the air to lure in buyers.

The core team

Oddly enough, the vendor has not revealed the identities of the core team members. These days, every crypto trader wants to make sure the operations of the trading platform are handled by experienced individuals. Dealing in digital currency is a risky affair and it is important to make sure the vendor maintains transparency. Therefore, we think most traders would not feel comfortable about investing in DigitalCurrencySignal.

Safety of DigitalCurrencySignal and the network

Signing up with a crypto signals provider involves sharing personal credentials as well as financial data. Thus, it is imperative for every platform to have adequate security measures in place to safeguard the user’s data. Since there is no information on the safety features of DigitalCurrencySignal, hence we cannot consider it a safe signals provider. 

Other notes 

Pricing plans of DigitalCurrencySignal.

While signing up with DigitalCurrencySignal, you can choose between four plans. Firstly, there is a free signal plan where you get a daily market overview. The Bronze plan costs $35 and has a validity period of 1 month. This plan, along with the rest, includes margin, altcoin, and futures trading signals. You also get 24/7 support and VIP email and Telegram services. For the 3-month (Silver) and 1-year (Gold) plans, you need to pay $76 and $165, respectively. 

Client testimonials

It seems like DigitalCurrencySignal has zero reputation in the crypto trading community. We were unable to find any user reviews for this signals provider. As such, it is not possible to determine whether customers, in general, have benefited from the signals. 

Is DigitalCurrencySignal a legit investment service?

Our verdict

Our verdict
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It is our firm belief that DigitalCurrencySignal is a scam service. We know nothing about the parent company and from the website presentation, it is impossible to get a clear idea about how the system functions. Thus, it is better to avoid it.
It is our firm belief that DigitalCurrencySignal is a scam service. We know nothing about the parent company and from the website presentation, it is impossible to get a clear idea about how the system functions. Thus, it is better to avoid it.


  • Free plan available


  • Lack of vendor transparency
  • Unverified trading results
  • No information on security features
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