Zilliqa Partners With Ramp for Fiat-Crypto Transactions in ZIL Tokens

ZIL Tokens

Public blockchain Zilliqa has teamed up with Ramp to enable fiat –to-cryptocurrency payments using the blockchain’s ZIL tokens.

The Ramp integration will enable users to buy ZIL with credit cards in less than five minutes bypassing the tedious wallet procedures. The instant verification will see users take or exit a ZIL crypto position.

The CEO of Zilliqa, Ben Livshits, welcomes the partnership praising how the Ramp contributes to cryptocurrency adoption by letting users avoid the lengthy KYC verifications processes.

Zilliqa is a layer-one blockchain protocol for developers to deploy decentralized applications with its secure-by-design model.

Zilliqa’s token ZIL powers decentralized applications by enabling Peer-to-peer transactions in DeFi, NFT, and tokenized assets. The platform expects its integration with Ramp to enhance the web3 user experience and easy accessibility.

Ramp has added support for more than 400 companies, including Mozilla, Dapper Labs, and notable DeFi applications like Aave, Trust Wallet, and Argent.

Source: IBS intelligence

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