Whale Named Light Spends Over $128M in a Crypto Shopping Spree

Crypto Shopping

A whale wallet dubbed Light has spent more than $128 million in a series of purchases that includes 642,999 Decetraland MANA worth $1,845,409.

The account, currently ranked as the 3rd largest crypto address,  also purchased 426,000 SAND worth $2,044,800. The second SAND purchase was 1,703,978 tokens worth $8,179,094.

Covalent was the next destination for the deep-pocketed investor, where it amassed 3,090,000 CQT tokens worth $2,039,319.

Light has been on a buying spree recently, with a similar purchase of $1.1 million in GALA, a gaming token for the Gala network.

The whale has also splashed $2.45 million in 399,999 OMG tokens, the native currency for Ethereum scaling OMG Foundation.

The largest purchase by Light was 2,000 wrapped Bitcoin tokens worth about $86.4 million to bring its total combined net worth to more than $4.3 billion.

The whale also spent $25,170,000 1 million LINK tokens, the native coin to the Chainlink decentralized oracle network.

Source: Dailyhodl

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