Webuild Signs $4.7 Billion Contract for Freshwater Lake Construction

By Pierre Bertrand

Webuild has recently announced the signing of a significant contract for the construction of a freshwater lake in the Neom development project located in Saudi Arabia. This remarkable project highlights the company’s expertise and commitment to large-scale construction endeavors.

Creating a Magnificent Freshwater Lake

Under the $4.7 billion contract, Webuild will be responsible for the construction of three dams that will result in the creation of a breathtaking 2.8-kilometer long freshwater lake at Trojena. It is worth noting that Trojena is expected to host the prestigious Asian Winter Games in 2029. This ambitious venture demonstrates Webuild’s dedication to both functionality and grandeur.

Unveiling The Bow: A Marvel of Architecture

In addition to the lake itself, Webuild will construct a remarkable structure known as “The Bow.” This architectural masterpiece will extend the surface of the lake beyond the main dam, creating a stunning visual spectacle. The Bow will also feature a luxurious hotel and a residential area, adding an element of opulence to the project.

Trojena: The First Outdoor Ski Resort In The Gulf Region

Situated in the majestic mountains, just 50 kilometers away from the Gulf of Aqaba, Trojena is set to become the Gulf region’s very first outdoor ski resort. With completion slated for late 2026, Webuild aims to transform this picturesque location into a top-tier destination for winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

The Neom Project: A Visionary Urban Development

Webuild doesn’t stop there. Apart from the freshwater lake construction, the company is also undertaking another remarkable endeavor for the Neom project—a 57-kilometer high-speed railway line. These ambitious plans reflect the visionary nature of Neom, a cutting-edge urban development project in Saudi Arabia’s northwestern Tabuk province that aims to create a linear city.

We applaud Webuild for spearheading these remarkable projects that showcase their unwavering dedication to architectural excellence and sustainable development.

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