Web3 Infrastructure Provider Alchemy Enters Solana Blockchain

Web3 Infrastructure Provider Alchemy

Web3 blockchain platform Alchemy has launched a beta version of its services on Solana blockchain, with the release set for the coming weeks.

Alchemy product manager Michael Garland has welcomed the move as a step that will enhance the services of Solana and the supported protocols. The representative says that the new offering will enable developers to save time and increase the pace of product development.

Solana Labs head of communication Austin Federa says that Alchemy will make the transactions in Solana to be affordable, fast, and readily available. OpenSea, Aave, and 0x are some of the Web3 protocols developed through Alchemy.

Alchemy launched the Ethereum scaling solution last year. The firm raised $200 million in a Series C-1 funding round in February, putting it at a valuation of $10.2 billion. The platform claims to have thousands of users.

Source: Coindesk

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