Visa Plans to Boost Artists’ Work with New NFT Program

New NFT Program

Financial services behemoth Visa has launched a creator program to enable content creators to expand their work with non-fungible tokens.

The program, announced in October 2021, will run for one year and aims to train developers in the music, fashion, and film industry.

The users who wish to participate in the program, which comes with a one-off stipend, must fill out a questionnaire and be interviewed afterward for possible consideration.

Visa’s head of cryptocurrency, Cuy Sheffield, says that the company is positioning itself to help creators using NFTs as a connection to their fan base and services.

Sheffield adds that the program will enable the company to get some insight into the opportunities and challenges in the sector. Visa is also planning to commit more into the sector.

Visa made entry into the NFT space in 2021 when it purchased a CryptoPunk collectible and has since been pushing to make transactions related to NFTs seamless.

Source: The Block

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