VanEck Partners With Numomo for 1,000 NFT Collection Launch

VanEck Partners With Numomo

Global investment manager VanEck plans to launch a collection of 1,000 non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain in collaboration with NFT creatives firm Numomo.

VanEck Community NFT will be centered on a caricature of Alexander Hamilton called ‘Hammy’ as he assesses the past, present, and future financial policies.

The collection aims to showcase real-world utility for digital assets to enlighten holders on the crypto space. An airdrop for the launch has been set for May 2022.

VanEck Community NFT co-creator, JP Lee, says that the NFTs will have 3D avatars and narrative-style videos that facilitate the creation of a story and spur discussion.

The NFTs will reportedly consist of three tiers; 750 common, 230 rare, and 20 legendary. Every level will give the owner more special access to VanEck events.

VanEck has been an advocate of blockchain technology and ETFs. The company launched a bitcoin futures ETF in November 2021. 


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