Uniswap Tops as DEX Monthly Volumes Nears $100 Billion in November


Decentralized Exchanges monthly volumes have reached $99.5 billion as of November 28, with Uniswap getting the highest volumes. 

Trading Volume Dynamics on Uniswap
Trading Volume Dynamics on Uniswap

Uniswap v3 and v2 volumes are at $47.37 billion and $24.07 billion, respectively, in November. The protocol has $1.49 billion daily volumes, with the USDCETH pair accounting for 654.4 million, the largest, in the past 24 hours. 

November trading volumes have surpassed that of October, which closed at $89.15 billion as the crypto industry grows towards the year’s close. 

DEX monthly trading volumes reached the peak in May at $162.83 billion, but the lowest volumes were recorded in July at $56.35 billion. Source: The Block

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