Ukraine Targets Russian Politician Wallet Addresses With Bounty Offers for Tip-Offs

Ukraine Targets Russian Politician Wallet

Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation, is seeking tip-offs on addresses of crypto wallets owned by Russian and Belarusian politicians.

Fedorov says the government is ready to offer generous rewards on the information of the politicians in a bid to punish them for war crimes. 

The minister says any tips will be rewarded in crypto obtained from donations made by the Ukrainian crypto community. 

The minister has already appointed a lawyer to oversee the tipoff initiative, with about 500 tips having been submitted. 

The addresses are expected to be shared with crypto analytics, Chainalysis. The crypto analytics firm says it is unlikely that the sanctioned individuals will shift large volumes of crypto.

The move by the Ukrainian government is part of actions to blacklist Russian and Belarusian politicians from leading exchanges. 

The move to award crypto tippers by Ukraine comes days after the country announced the acceptance of donations in digital assets in a bid to circumvent Russian aggression.

Source: Twitter

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