U.S. Grain Export Sales Fall Short

The latest export sales report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture reveals that sales of U.S. grains for the week ending December 28th did not meet analysts’ expectations. The numbers indicate a decrease in export sales compared to the previous week.

Wheat Sales

  • Total wheat sales for the 2023/24 and 2024/25 marketing years amounted to 135,900 metric tons. This figure fell below the analysts’ forecast range of 150,000 to 375,000 tons.

Corn Sales

  • Corn sales totaled 367,300 tons, falling short of the predicted range of 450,000 to 1.13 million tons.

Soybean Sales

  • Soybean sales reached 202,200 tons, missing the projected range of 300,000 to 1.15 million tons.

China emerged as the top buyer of U.S. wheat for the week, while Mexico and Spain took the lead as buyers of corn and soybeans respectively.

Grain futures trading on the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) reflects a decline in prices due to improved weather conditions in South America. As of pre-market trading today, the most-active corn futures are down by 0.3%, soybeans by 0.6%, and wheat remains unchanged.

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