Twitter Adds Ether Support to Its Virtual Tipping Feature

Twitter Adds Ether Support

Twitter has added support for Ethereum in its tipping feature, Tips, to allow users to send payments through the Twitter mobile app.

Tips is available for iOS and Android devices, where supported accounts have a money icon displayed on their profile pages.

A user can tip using the feature by selecting their usernames from third-party payment providers if the recipient has toggled Tips on.  

The lead product manager of creation and monetization at Twitter, Johnny Winston, says that the firm is enthusiastic about enabling users to add their ETH addresses to Tips.

Twitter recently launched bitcoin tips through the Lightning network via mobile devices. Tips allows users to send tips to show support. The service is executed through third-party payment services.

The announcement comes as Twitter seeks to establish its presence in the crypto space. The company enabled its users to verify their NFT profile photos a month ago.

Source: Twitter

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