TrueFi Targets Asset Managers With New Lending Marketplace

TrueFi Targets Asset Managers

TrueFi has unveiled a new platform for asset managers to develop their Decentralized Finance products in a move expected to fasten sector growth.

The marketplace, based on TrueFi, would support the designing, launching, and funding of new investment products.

The platform also gives asset managers access to TrueFi’s customer base and institutional offering of TrustToken. is TrueFi’s first financial partner in the project that would see firms launch new financial portfolios directly on-chain.

TrustToken CEO, Raphael Cosman, notes that TrueFi’s borrowers have expanded to include crypto hedge funds, startups, and conventional financial institutions.  

The initial version of the TrueFi network was opened to institutional clients in 2020. The platform powers the creation of collateral-free loans in TrueUSD appraised via on-chain data.

The announcement underscores the institutional growing adoption of DeFi, with use cases gaining traction.  

Source: Cointelegraph

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