Top Whales Rush to Amass Shiba Inu on Awaited Metaverse Transition

Whales Rush to Amass Shiba Inu

Top Ethereum holders purchased more than 3.6 trillion units of SHIB valued at $77.84 million as investors wait for metaverse transition in 2022.  

Shiba Inu’s recent announcement on metaverse dubbed ‘Shiberse’ under development has stirred interest among investors.

Whale aggregator Whalestats reveals that many deep-pocketed Ethereum holders undertook a large amount of SHIB transactions in the past day.

The data also reveals that the Whale investors have sold less than $1,000 worth of SHIB amid crypto sell-off that has seen double-digit losses.

More than $735 million has been reported in SHIB transactions for the past few weeks, but about 1% of the holders are turning in profits at the current $0.00020 price.

The meme token is reportedly on its way to the $0.01 valuation based on the 2022 roadmap and a burn that has reduced circulating tokens to 410.3 trillion SHIB.

The news comes as the Shiba Inu community continues to push for plans to have the meme token listed on Robinhood.

Source: ZyCrypto

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