Timothée Chalamet’s “Wonka” Continues to Dominate the Box Office

LOS ANGELES — In its fourth weekend in theaters, “Wonka” starring Timothée Chalamet remained at the top of the box office charts for the third time. According to studio estimates on Sunday, the family-oriented musical from Warner Bros. generated an additional $14.4 million in ticket sales, bringing its total domestic grosses to an impressive $164.7 million.

Following in the Footsteps of Success

Many industry analysts compare “Wonka” to the popular film “The Greatest Showman.” Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for Comscore, states that “Wonka” mirrors the success of “The Greatest Showman,” which opened with less than $9 million in December 2017 and went on to amass a global gross of $435 million.

The Perfect Timing for Success

Dergarabedian highlights that “Wonka” is a crowd-pleaser released at an opportune time during the holiday season. It is expected to continue its successful run well into January.

A Slower Start to 2024

Despite ending 2023 on a high note, the box office performance in 2024 has seen a slower start compared to the previous year, with only one major new offering: the horror film “Night Swim,” produced by Universal/Blumhouse. Starring Wyatt Russell and Kerry Condon, the movie revolves around a couple who encounters supernatural events in their swimming pool.

A Promising Debut for “Night Swim”

In its first weekend, “Night Swim” managed to attract an estimated $12 million in ticket sales across 3,250 theaters in North America. The film had a production budget of around $15 million and is expected to achieve a global debut of $17.7 million, including international showings in 36 markets.

Jim Orr, Universal’s head of domestic distribution, mentioned that not only did “Night Swim” perform well at the box office, but it also succeeded in creating a sense of unease around swimming pools. However, with negative reviews and a C CinemaScore rating, it is unlikely to achieve the same viral success as last year’s demon doll movie, “M3GAN.”

The box office in 2024 may be off to a slower start, but with films like “Wonka” and “Night Swim” captivating audiences, there is still much anticipation for what lies ahead in the world of cinema.

Box Office Update

The box office continues to see a mix of films making waves, although it’s still too early to determine how the year will unfold. Notable performers include “Wonka,” “Night Swim,” “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” “Migration,” and “Anyone But You.”

Top Movies

  1. Wonka – This highly anticipated film takes the lead with an impressive $14.4 million in ticket sales.

  2. Night Swim – Following closely behind, “Night Swim” secures second place with $12 million.

  3. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – Warner Bros.’ DC superhero movie rakes in $10.6 million in its third weekend, pushing its domestic total past the $100 million milestone.

  4. Migration – Universal’s animated flick “Migration” brings in $10.3 million, boosting its domestic earnings to a solid $77.8 million.

  5. Anyone But You – Sony’s romantic comedy featuring Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney lands in fifth place, achieving $9.5 million in ticket sales and a cumulative revenue of $43.7 million.

Awards Contenders Galore

Cineplexes across the country are currently brimming with acclaimed contenders such as “The Color Purple,” “The Iron Claw,” and “Poor Things.” The recent Golden Globes broadcast is expected to generate further attention and excitement for these films.

“The Golden Globes serve as a three-hour infomercial for the industry,” comments Dergarabedian. “Having a high-profile telecast that shines a spotlight on movies always works in their favor.”

1. Wonka – $14.4 million

2. Night Swim – $12 million

3. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – $10.6 million

4. Migration – $10.3 million

5. Anyone But You – $9.5 million

6. The Boys in the Boat – $6 million

7. The Color Purple – $4.8 million

8. The Iron Claw – $4.5 million

9. Ferrari – $2.5 million

10. Poor Things – $2 million

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