TIME Magazine to Hold Ether in a Metaverse Education Deal with Galaxy Digital

TIME Magazine

Time Magazine has announced that it would hold Ether to finance a deal with Galaxy Digital seeking to educate readers about Metaverse and Web 3.0. 

The news magazine will avail educational resources on Metaverse under ‘TIME for Learning’ page, set to launch next month. 

TIME has announced that it would also launch a TIME 100 Companies list for the Metaverse and a weekly newsletter called ‘Into the Metaverse.’ 

TIME 100 list would rank companies with the most impact in the virtual ecosystem, blockchain networks, and firms supporting access to the ecosystem. Applications would open up to December 31. 

Times’s President Keith Grossman says that the deal, developed over the summer, will run for about six months. The news magazine has reportedly been holding bitcoin since April, after receiving the crypto as payment in a deal with Grayscale.

Source: CoinDesk 

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