Tim Cook Owns Crypto But Apple has No Near-Term Plans to Invest in the Space

Tim Cook Owns Crypto

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, says he owns some crypto but the tech giant has no immediate plans of accepting digital assets as a form of payment. 

Cook added that he has no intention of buying crypto for the world’s largest company. He said on Monday during the New York Times DealBook conference that Apple investors were not seeking exposure to cryptocurrencies.

The Apple executive maintains that owning digital assets is good at a personal level to diversify one’s portfolio. Cook views NFTs as interesting but could take a while before going mainstream.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor says that if Apple converted its treasury to bitcoin, its valuations could surpass a trillion dollars.  

Despite Apple having no crypto products or services, it published a job posting earlier in the year searching for a crypto candidate for its payment unit.

Source: Coindesk

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