The United Auto Workers’ Strike Continues at the Same Facilities

The United Auto Workers (UAW) has decided to prolong its strike at various facilities, following what union President Shawn Fain describes as a “transformative win” at General Motors Co. Fain stated that General Motors has agreed to include their electric-battery manufacturing workers in a future labor agreement, marking a significant development in the ongoing negotiations.

Concerns About the Transition to Electric Vehicles

One of the main points of contention during the negotiations has been the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). UAW workers were concerned that labor deals might not cover battery plants, particularly those formed through joint ventures with foreign companies.

In a webcast membership update, Fain emphasized that General Motors has agreed to lay the foundation for a fair transition for all workers.

Key Details about the Strike

The strike initially began on September 14, following the expiration of the previous four-year contract. Since then, it has been extended twice and, unlike previous years, has affected selected General Motors, Ford Motor Co., and Stellantis NV plants and facilities.

Fain mentioned that the union is not finished and may potentially expand the strike. He warned that the companies need to acknowledge that there are still strong bargaining positions remaining. The ball is now in their court if they wish to avoid further strikes.

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