The Boy Scouts of America: Revitalizing Membership and Ensuring Safety Programs

The Boy Scouts of America, a 113-year-old youth organization, is set to see a resurgence under its new president, Roger Krone. Krone, a retired businessman and Eagle Scout, has been appointed as the new chief executive, replacing the retiring Roger Mosby.

The organization has recently emerged from bankruptcy, following a sexual abuse scandal. In March, a federal judge upheld the $2.4 billion bankruptcy plan for the Irving, Texas-based organization. This allowed it to continue its operations while compensating over 80,000 men who filed claims of sexual abuse during their time in scouting. The trust has already begun paying claimants who elected for expedited compensation of $3,500. However, others will need to complete questionnaires and provide supporting documentation before they can receive their compensation.

To meet their obligations, some local Boy Scout councils have sold around 15 properties, as stated in an email sent by the organization.

Krone assured the public that scouting is now safer than ever. The organization has taken measures to ensure the safety of its members, such as providing training for adults and implementing the rule that a Scout should never be alone with only one adult.

“Under my leadership,” Krone stated, “we will continue to develop and enhance our program to provide the utmost level of safety for our youth.”

Krone brings extensive experience to his new role, having previously served as the president of Leidos, a defense, aviation, and information technology company with a worth of $15 billion. His background in engineering and aerospace also includes his past role as the president of the network and space systems at Boeing Co.

The Boy Scouts of America looks forward to a brighter future under its new president’s guidance.

The Boy Scouts of America has faced a significant decline in membership over the past few years, with numbers dropping from 1.97 million in 2019 to approximately 762,000 in 2021. However, a new leader, John Krone, with a strong business background, aims to revitalize and reshape the organization for the future.

A Vision for the Future

Krone believes that his corporate experience will be a valuable asset in aligning the organization after its recent bankruptcy and creating a roadmap for future success. While he acknowledges that his role does not involve leading classes in crafts or fire building, he emphasizes the need to adapt to the times and make scouting relevant for today’s children.

Addressing Challenges

The decline in membership has been attributed to various factors, including sexual assault allegations, competition from sports leagues, technological advancements, and the impact of the pandemic. Recognizing these challenges, Krone is determined to rebuild scouting by focusing on its unique selling point — outdoor adventure.

Embracing Outdoor Experiences

Krone strongly believes in the universal appeal of outdoor activities. From sailing and canoeing to hiking, mountain climbing, rappelling, and spelunking, scouting offers an unparalleled opportunity for children to explore the great outdoors. To make scouting more enticing, Krone emphasizes the need to meet kids where they are and encourage them to step away from their screens and couches.

A Thriving Future Ahead

With his newfound leadership, Krone predicts a resurgence in scouting’s popularity within the next five years. He envisions a future where the Boy Scouts of America doubles its current size and expands its high adventure camps nationwide. Whether it’s sailing in Florida, scaling mountains in the Rockies, or ziplining in West Virginia, scouting will become an integral part of youth culture once again.

Inclusive and Accessible

Krone strongly emphasizes that scouting is open to all, with no admission requirements. Every child is encouraged to participate and experience the wonders of scouting firsthand. By removing barriers and embracing diversity, Krone aims to create a vibrant and inclusive scouting community for young individuals across the country.

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