Terra’s LUNC Token Added to StarShip Metaverse in New Deal

Terra's LUNC Token Added to StarShip Metaverse in New Deal

Terra has partnered with StarShip ecosystem to have its LUNC token used as a form of payment in the immersive space, where 1.2% of all the LUNC payments will be burned.

TerraUSD depegged significantly in May, destabilizing the crypto space. The event caused native LUNA tokens to print trillions of tokens to algorithmically maintain the peg.

The network opted for a hard fork that set LUNC as the original tokens with the original supply and stablecoin pairing and created a new token LUNA with no stablecoin peg.

The hard fork got majority votes among validators with governance and launched on 28th, but most token holders further pushed their call for a token burn of the excess supply.

StarShip is a blockchain ecosystem built around a community of members and projects, including an NFT Game and liquidity pools.

The platform recently launched a trailer featuring in-game footage of what will reportedly become the largest metaverse. The virtual world is based on the Unreal 5 engine and has 32,000 square kilometers of building space.

Source: Globenewswire

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