Sotheby’s to Accept Ether in the Upcoming Banksy Art Auction

Sotheby's to Accept Ether in the Upcoming Banksy Art Auction

Sotheby’s says it will accept Ether for two Banksy’s art pieces in the upcoming live auction set to begin on November 18. 

The two art pieces’ Trolley Hunters’ and ‘Love Is In The Air’ will feature in New York Sotheby’s salesroom, and bidding prices will be announced in Ether.

The mega art broker estimates’ Trolley Hunters’ to be valued at 5-7 million USD, while ‘Love Is In The Air’ is between 4-6 million USD.  

Successful bidders can also pay using fiat currencies apart from bitcoin and USD Coins currently acceptable by the auction house.

Sotheby’s says that it will be the first time a digital asset is used as a standard currency in a live auction for physical art pieces. 

Sotheby’s started to allow crypto payments for physical artworks in May. The auction house says that Ether is the primary digital currency in NFTs. 

Source: Sotheby’s

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