Solo BTC Miner From CKPool Solves Valid Block With 1.14PH/s

BTC Miner From CKPool

A solo Bitcoin miner from CKPool generated a $240,000 reward equivalent to 6.25 BTC on Tuesday after validating an entire block with 1.14 petahashes per second.

Bitcoin software engineer and administrator of CKPool, Con Kolivas, notes that the odds were at 20% in what he said was the fourth blockfinder for CKPool in 2022. 

Kolivas congratulated the miner, who is now among the few successful solo Bitcoin miners.

The news follows that of another CKPool’s miner who mined a valid block with 126 terahashes per second. Another miner from the same firm also validated a full block with 86 TH/s.

CKPool has managed to mine about 264 blocks, which is 0.037% of the total 721,240 blocks since the inception of the bitcoin blockchain.

A new bitcoin block is solved every 10 minutes by miners who compete with the entire BTC mining network. The US-based Foundry is the largest hashrate contributor with 33,803 PH/s.

Source: Twitter

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