SEBA Bank Taps into Stablecoins with Gold-Backed Tokens

SEBA Bank Taps into Stablecoins

SEBA, a digital asset-banking platform, has launched a regulated token backed by physical gold with instant on-demand delivery. 

The Switzerland-based company says that the new token is different from other gold derivatives like ETFs and OTC contracts since it is instantly redeemable. It adds that the on-time delivery cuts on the storage charges.

SEBA notes that the token can be used as a compliant stablecoin when trading or as a store of value. The digital assets offer secure transaction settlement and trading in the digital markets. The stablecoins market has surged to more than $130 billion market capitalization.

PAXOS introduced similar stablecoins, PAX Gold, supported by physical redeemable gold bars in 2019. PAXG registers daily trading volumes of around $11.7 million.

SEBA made the announcement for the launch in March and sought to offer cost-effective access to the precious commodity and establish a new standard in the stablecoins space.

Source: SEBA

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