Ross Stores Inc. Expands with 51 New Locations

Ross Stores Inc. announced today that it has opened 51 new retail locations across 22 states in September and October. The company, based in Dublin, California, added 43 new stores under its Ross Dress for Less brand and eight stores under its dd’s Discounts brand. This marks the completion of Ross Stores Inc.’s growth plans for fiscal year 2023, which involved opening a total of 97 new locations.

Expanding Reach

  • Ross Stores Inc. opened its first stores in the states of New York and Minnesota under the Ross Dress for Less brand.
  • dd’s Discounts expanded its footprint in California, Maryland, Tennessee, and Texas.

Future Growth Gregg McGillias, the group executive vice president for property development, expressed confidence in the company’s expansion plans moving forward. Ross Stores Inc. aims to reach a total of at least 2,900 Ross Dress for Less locations and 700 dd’s Discounts locations over time.

Financial Performance While the company’s stock has experienced a 3% decline year to date, the overall market, represented by the S&P 500, has gained 13.5%.

Ross Stores Inc. continues to pursue growth opportunities and remains optimistic about its future prospects as it expands its presence in the retail industry.

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