Robinhood Boss Touts DOGE as the Future of Internet Currency

DOGE as the Future of Internet Currency

Robinhood’s Chief Executive Officer, Vlad Tenev, says that Dogecoin could become the future currency of the internet, saying its inflation rate can decline over time.

Tenev maintains that to achieve such a utility, Dogecoin must improve its block time to be fast enough for transactions to be recorded faster at the point of sale.

The executive adds that DOGE must perform better than Visa by increasing throughput by 10,000 times through an additional block size limit.

Robinhood started partnering with Dogecoin in 2018 when the firm listed the assets on its platform and enabled customers to deal with them.

The investing services company announced that the meme token was about 62% of its cryptocurrency income in the second quarter of 2021.

Robinhood added Shiba Inu at the start of the week, expressing optimism that the move will enable customers to have more choices. The firm says the selection was made through a comprehensive safety assessment.

Source: Twitter 

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