Reddit Follows Twitter’s Steps in Creating NFT Profile Photos

Reddit Follows Twitter’s Steps

Reddit is working at the initial stages of a feature that allows users to set non-fungible tokens as profile photos and verify ownership, which is similar to that of Twitter.

Twitter recently launched a similar feature, where users can set NFTs as account profiles in hexagon-shaped photos.

Reddit spokesperson, Tim Rathschmidt, says that no decision has been arrived at in the internal test of the feature.

Reddit, which has over 400 million monthly users, has launched a page for an NFT initiative currently displaying CryptoSoos digital collectibles.

The launch of NFTs has received mixed reactions from the online community, with some quotas fiercely opposing it. A tool has been released that blocks Twitter accounts from supporting the NFT profiles.

Mozilla and Discord are other platforms that were forced to halt their NFT projects after facing a backlash on social media.

Source: TechCrunch

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