Polygon Expands Scaling Technologies with $400M Mir Acquisition

Polygon Expands Scaling Technologies

Polygon has acquired a zero-knowledge technology startup, Mir, for US$400 million in a move to strengthen its operations in the expertise.

Mir would assist the Ethereum Layer 2 solution in a new project dubbed Polygon Zero, a scalable Ethereum compatible Zero-Knowledge deployment.

The ZK-rollups startup has built a recursive ZK proof system capable of generating proofs in 170 milliseconds on a laptop.

The announcements note that the capability of Mir’s recursive ZK proof protocol, which makes it the fastest recursive proof generator, is perfect for developing ZK virtual machines on Ethereum. The ZK proofs are about 45kb in size-optimized mode.

A zero-knowledge protocol is a cryptographic model where validators verify encrypted data without revealing it.

The Indian-based network allocated $1 billion in August to focus on acquiring ZK solutions. The network has reportedly been working with Mir, and the design and roadmap for the project are ready.

Source: Forkast

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