Pocket Network Integrates NEAR Protocol for Web3 App Deployment

Pocket Network Integrates NEAR Protocol

Relay infrastructure protocol Pocket Network has integrated NEAR blockchain to enable Web3 developers to deploy applications on supported chains.

Pocket Network seeks to leverage a distributed network of more than 47,000 full nodes that service Web3 applications in 46 blockchains.

The integration will enable the developers to access blockchains like Solana, Fuse, Ethereum, and Polygon. The cross-chain functionality will see NEAR developers mitigate single-point failure and service disruptions.

Pocket Network looks to create revenue generation opportunities for full-node operators through POKT payments for services in the network.

The new system is expected to cut friction when linking decentralized applications through Pocket Portal by allocating bandwidth and relays. The head of ecosystems at NEAR Foundation, Cameron Dennis, lauds the move as an opportunity for the blockchain to access various solutions.

Polygon Studio’s CEO, Ryan Wyatt, has invited developers to the Terra ecosystem after the chain’s unprecedented crash. Fantom is another project that has also welcomed Terra’s community.

Source: Cointelegraph

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