Opera Opens Crypto Browser Beta Targeting Web 3 Services

Opera Opens Crypto Browser

Opera has launched a beta version of its Crypto Browser Project for browsing dApps, metaverse protocols, and games.

Crypto Browser offers access to Web 3 services for Windows, Android, Mac and would add support for Twitter and Telegram.

A custodial wallet will support Ethereum in the new version, and Solana, Polygon, Nervos, Celo, and naming systems will follow.

The wallet hosts fungible ERC-20, non-fungible ERC-721, and ERC-1155 that will come in the first quarter of this year.

Users can also buy cryptocurrencies through a fiat-to-crypto currency on-ramp, a crypto-to-crypto swap. The platform also features access to an NFT gallery.

Jorgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera, says that the project seeks to simplify the adoption of cryptocurrencies and Web 3 services.  

The Norway-based firm is now waiting for feedback from the crypto community on the beta to execute any new development.

Source: Cointelegraph

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