Noah Holdings Appoints Zhe Yin as Chief Executive

Noah Holdings, a China-based wealth management service provider, has announced the appointment of Zhe Yin as their new chief executive, effective from Friday.

A Founding Member and Experienced Executive

Yin, who has been with Noah since its inception and has served as a director since 2007, is a highly experienced professional in the wealth and asset management industry. His extensive background as a senior executive in this field brings valuable expertise to his new role.

Already a Chairman of a Consolidated Affiliated Entity

Prior to his appointment as CEO, Yin had been serving as the chairman of one of Noah’s consolidated affiliated entities, Gopher Asset Management, since March 2021. Additionally, he held the position of CEO at Gopher Asset Management for seven years.

Jingbo Wang Remains as Chairwoman

Jingbo Wang will continue to serve as the chairwoman of the board and the chairwoman of the company’s corporate governance and nominating committee. This move aligns with the board’s decision to separate the chief executive and chairperson roles in order to enhance corporate governance practices.

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