Millennial Millionaires Bullish on Crypto in 2022 Investment Plans, Study Reveals

Millionaires Bullish on Crypto in 2022

A new survey by CNBC shows that fully 83% of millennial millionaires own cryptocurrencies, and 48% are planning to invest more in 2022, despite the recent plunge.

The study reveals that 53% of the respondents have at least half of their assets in crypto, and almost a third have at least 75% of their wealth in BTC, ether, and other categories of digital assets.

The cryptocurrency holdings of millennial millionaires contrast that of the older generation millionaire investors, where 4% hold any asset class.

48% of millennial investors seek to increase their cryptocurrency holdings, 39% say they would maintain their stake, and 6% want to reduce their investment.

The research adds that over 75% of Generation X investors have no holding on any cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies have become a major investment among younger generations who have recorded quick gains as the older generations sit on the fence.

The CNBC survey focuses on investors with more than $1 million in investments assets, excluding primary residences.

Source: CNBC

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