Meta Files Trademark Applications Key to Financial Services in Metaverse

Financial Services in Metaverse

Meta has filed eight new trademarks applications to have its logo registered for multiple products and services, mainly in the financial space within metaverse.

Trademark and patent attorney, Mike Kondoudis, notes that the filing shows the firm’s strategy in stepping into the metaverse, citing the plans by the company in the virtual economy.

Kondoudis adds that the filing will likely interest the participants in the financial sector, with most of the listed products and services revolving around such services.

The applications come in a series of similar trademark applications by corporations, brands, and famous personalities. American Express recently filed seven trademark applications for its logo and slogans.

Recording artist Billie Eilish is the latest celebrity whose company Lash Music filed for a trademark application to have Eilish’s name, and Blohsh logo registered last month.

Source: Twitter 

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