McDonald’s Begins to Accept Bitcoin and Tether in Swiss Town

The fast-food giant McDonald’s has begun to accept payments in the form of both Bitcoin and Tether in its location in the small Swiss town of Baar. 

This is the first time that McDonald’s has accepted any cryptocurrency as a payment method. 

While it is unclear whether this trial will be expanded to other locations, it could signal a move by the company to embrace digital currencies as a payment option. 

Customers in Baar can use their smartphones to pay for their meals with either Bitcoin or Tether. 

Transactions are processed through Bitpay, and customers receive a QR code which they scan at the register. 

The town of Baar is home to many financial institutions, so it makes sense that McDonald’s would want to test out digital currency payments there. 

With interest in cryptocurrencies increasing, it is likely that more businesses will begin to accept them as payment options.

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