Mastercard Partners With Multiple Crypto Firms for NFT Commerce

Mastercard Partners With Crypto Firms

Financial services company Mastercard has announced multiple partnerships with platforms, including The Sandbox and Immutable X for NFT commerce.

Other companies in the deal are Candy Digital, Mintable, MoonPay, and Nifty Gateway. The entities will be part of Mastercard’s plan to expand the use of NTFs in its cards.

The company says in the announcement made on June 9 that the new offering will let customers use cards to purchase NFTs. The service will be supported on the affiliated marketplace as well as the in-house service.

The executive vice president of the company Raj Dhamodharan commented that the 2.9 billion circulating Mastercards cards globally will have a big impact on the NFT environment.

The current process of purchasing NFT on marketplaces, including OpenSea, involves the use of a crypto wallet that must be funded with tokens like ether and SOL.

Dhamodharan says that a recent Mastercard survey involving 35,000 people from 40 countries showed that 45% of the respondents have purchased NFTs or are intending to.

Source: Mastercard

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