Marathon Digital Collaborates with Compute North to Deploy 100,000 Bitcoin Miners

Marathon Digital

North American Bitcoin mining company Marathon Digital has partnered with Compute North to host over 100,000 bitcoin miners in multiple locations.

Compute North would host Marathon’s previously purchased miners in winds and solar farms operated by the largest renewable energy companies in North America. The bitcoin miner has procured hosting arrangements for all the previously purchased miners following the arrangement.

The next 280 – megawatt site in West Texas is set to begin operations in the first quarter of next year, while the remaining mining facilities will start operations by mid-2022.

Marathon’s hash rate would be at around 13.3 EH/s with the blended cost of electricity and hosting at $0.042 per kilowatt-hour once all the 133,000 miners are deployed. The firm’s mining operations would be 77% carbon neutral.

Marathon unveiled a letter of intent in May 2021 for a similar arrangement with Compute North to host about 73,000 Marathon’s miners in Texas.

Source: Marathon Digital 

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