Katana DEX’s Total Value Locked Skyrockets 4,615,280% in Two Weeks

Katana DEX

Axie Infinity’s decentralized exchange, Katana, has grown 4,615,280% in the total value locked since its launch on November 4.

The exchange moved from $26,000 on the first day in TVL to $1.2 billion as of the fourteenth day. On November 6, the chain had an inflow of 73,683 ETH equivalent to $306 million and an inflow of 3.1 billion AXS worth $409 billion.

Katana was developed to enhance the swapping of tokens in the Axie Infinity network. Axie Infinity unveiled its Ethereum-linked side chain, Ronin, in 2020.

Katana DEX currently supports the exchange between USDC, AXS, Small Love Potion, and Wrapped ETH only. Users can deposit assets into the exchange’s liquidity pools and earn rewards in RON tokens.

The launch of Katana DEX has caused Axie Infinity to surge in the game token space. AXS hit a new all-time high of around $165 during the first week of November.


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