Jezebel Finds New Life as Paste Magazine Announces Acquisition

New York, NY – Jezebel, the beloved and bold feminist website, is making a triumphant return just weeks after its untimely closure. Atlanta-based digital pop culture publication, Paste Magazine, revealed its acquisition of from G/O Media, the company responsible for its shutdown and subsequent layoffs.

This exciting development ensures that Jezebel readers can continue to rely on the critical information and captivating content that they have come to expect. Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Paste Magazine, Josh Jackson, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Jezebel’s unique voice and commitment to storytelling make it a perfect addition to our portfolio.”

Despite G/O Media’s prolonged efforts to find a buyer for Jezebel, their endeavors proved fruitless, leading to the site’s unfortunate demise. Launched in 2007 by Gawker Media, Jezebel swiftly gained a devoted following, captivating audiences with its poignant commentary on gender politics and edgy pop culture coverage.

According to Jackson, Paste Magazine became interested in acquiring Jezebel immediately after news of its closure broke. The team promptly secured an all-cash deal and is eager to resume publishing as early as this week. In the interim, Paste Magazine is actively searching for a new editor-in-chief and engaged in discussions with former Jezebel staff members to prioritize their involvement in the revival of the publication. The acquisition was first reported by The New York Times.

Reviving Jezebel: A New Chapter Begins

“It took us a day to realize we could be the ones to bring it back from the dead,” Jackson said. “But it was important that we do a deal quickly and get the site back up and running so the devoted audience would still be there.”

A Platform for Bold Discourse

Jezebel, renowned for its poignant take on political issues like abortion, as well as its candid critiques of celebrity culture and the fashion industry, played a significant role in shaping the national conversation on topics such as “body shaming” and “rape culture.” However, like many other digital publications, Jezebel faced considerable challenges in recent years due to the decline of digital advertising.

A New Chapter Unfolds

Welcomed into the G/0 Media portfolio in 2019, Jezebel experienced friction with its parent company, G/0 Media, leading to its temporary shutdown. Writers at Jezebel attributed this to the parent company’s failure to seek a revenue model that aligned with the site’s mission and audience.

Bridging the Gap

G/0 Media, also the owner of Gizmodo, Quartz, the Onion, and the Root, cited economic headwinds and a challenging digital advertising landscape as reasons for Jezebel’s closure. CEO Jim Spanfeller acknowledged the misalignment between Jezebel’s mission and the broader business model as contributing factors. However, Spanfeller emphasized that he remained hopeful for Jezebel’s future, expressing a desire to find a new home for the publication and facilitate its revival.

“We have been working on the sale of Jezebel for months and are delighted that the site has found a new home,” Spanfeller stated confidently.

With a newfound sense of optimism, Jezebel embarks on its journey towards resurgence, ready to resume its influential role in sparking vital conversations and pushing boundaries once more.

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