Hop Protocol Airdrops $3.5M in Native Governance Tokens

Native Governance Tokens

Cross-chain bridge Hop Protocol is distributing 20.5 million HOP governance tokens worth about $3.5 million to users through an airdrop.

Dune Analytics data shows that a total of 54.8 million tokens are available to be claimed by 145,329 qualified recipients. Of the eligible users, about 37% have so far claimed their tokens.

The airdropped tokens will reportedly let holders participate in the official Hop DAO and the project’s future advancement. HOP is currently trading at $0.16, with most of the volumes registered in Uniswap.

The announcement comes amid trends of airdrops in the DeFi space. Optimism recently unveiled its airdrop for OP tokens, with others coming from CowSwap and Connext.

Hop protocol supports Gnosis and Polygon as mainnet rollups with plans to add Optimism and Arbitrum in the future.

Source: Dune

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