Hillary Clinton Warns Crypto Could Harm the Global Economy

Hillary Clinton Warns

The former US Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warns that cryptocurrencies could negatively affect the global economy.

Clinton views the world’s major challenges as cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, and disinformation. She says that digital assets presented a threat to the US dollar spot as a reserve currency, despite grabbing people’s attention with its exotic nature.

The former US first lady says that digital assets could destabilize countries worldwide, beginning with the smaller economies. She thinks there are concerns when people can mine new coins and trade with them.

Clinton’s statement echoes the immediate former US President Donald Trump, who opined that Bitcoin was a Scam and competed against the US dollar’s position as the world’s currency.

Clinton commented against crypto while criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin, alleging that Russia hacked into her internal campaign’s emails in the 2016 presidential elections.

Source: BNN Bloomberg

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