Google Files ‘Non-Fungible Planet’ Trademark on Environmental Issues

‘Non-Fungible Planet’

US multinational technology company Google has filed a trademark application for a new project dubbed ‘Non-fungible Planet’ that focuses on environmental issues. 

The filing shows a plan for the company’s information campaign on environmental activism. The project also includes conservation, energy, and climate change as aspects of the platform.

The project team is reportedly planning to use the platform to address carbon footprints and sustainability efforts.

The activities of the NFT will reportedly be executed through entertainment services like video playlists on the internet and related communication platforms.

The Chief Executive Officer of Google-owned YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, noted that the company is planning to use NFTs as a means of monetizing content generation.

The use of the term NFT in the project alludes to the environmental impact that the assets that are supported by the proof-of-work networks have on the environment.

Source: USPTO TSDR Case Viewer 

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