GameStop Introduces Crypto and NFT Self-Custodial Wallet

NFT Self-Custodial Wallet

American video game retailer Gamestop has launched a cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens self-custody wallet ahead of the NFT marketplace launch.

The wallet extension will enable gamers to send, receive, or use the digital assets across multiple decentralized applications without leaving the web store.

The wallet is accessible through Chrome Web Store and facilitates transactions on GameStop’s NFT marketplace, expected to be unveiled in the second quarter of the firm’s fiscal year.

A beta version of the self-custodial Ethereum wallet has been set for download on GameStop’s site. The company is expected to unveil its NFT marketplace, implemented in partnership with Immutable X.

GameStop stocks have received a boost following the announcement, rising about 3% to trade at $98.21 in pre-market.

Source: GameStop

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