Flexa Includes 99 Cryptocurrencies in New Payment Feature

Flexa Includes 99 Cryptocurrencies

Global digital payment company Flexa has announced plans for a new feature that lets merchants accept more than 99 different cryptocurrencies for any application or digital wallet.

The firm says that it plans to ease the process of merchants supporting cryptocurrency payments in physical stores or online platforms.

Flexa’s co-founder Tyler Spalding maintains that the modern consumer needs flexibility and freedom to make payments with the asset of their choice. He adds that the custodial wallets will be vital in retail crypto payments.

Spalding remarked that Flexa payments are working towards payment solutions supported on its application in any digital asset and across geographical locations.

Flexa launched Lightning Network payments, onboarding selected partners and merchants in El Salvador. The move was made after the Central American nation adopted Bitcoin as a legal tender.

Source: Coindesk

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