Facebook Is the Ideal Way to Invest in Metaverse, Morgan Stanley Says


Morgan Stanley’s lead equities analyst Brian Nowak views Facebook as the obvious way to invest in the metaverse, the next generation in gaming, social media, and streaming.  

The American investment bank estimates the US consumer expenditure that can be monetized at $8 trillion, while $5 trillion could be digitized faster from the immersive experiences.

The bank’s analysts’ report reveals that American daily users spend around 11 billion days per year on digital media platforms. They add that metaverse could grow digital payment adoptions but at smaller margins over time due to the complexities around regulations.

Nowak maintains that other companies with exposure to metaverse were Alphabet, Unity Software, Snap, and Roblox.

The investment firm has cautioned that the adoption of metaverse was difficult and could take time. For metaverse to succeed, analysts at Morgan Stanley see partnerships as the ideal approach since e-commerce and digital platforms are dynamic.  

Source: CoinDesk

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