Everlens Unveils NFT Marketplace for Instagram Posts

NFT Marketplace

Everlens has unveiled a non-fungible token marketplace for Instagram users to turn their posts into tradable collectibles.

Everlens marketplace would allow the creation, sale, and display of NFTs, including digital art pieces, royalties, and transferable VIP tickets.

The marketplace notes that the first step for a user to join is to connect their Instagram account to the marketplace, powered by ELEN token, and to select the post to mint. 

The platform has also announced that it has partnered with renowned Instagram personalities as Everlens marketplace brand ambassadors.

The developers at Everlens.io are looking to add support for Tiktok, Pinterest APIs, and Tumblr. It is also planning to launch on Solana and Cardano.

Everlens is banking on the huge Instagram community to drive the adoption of NFTs, terming it as a competitive advantage. The team is planning to enter into partnerships with other strategic social media platforms.

Source: The Block

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