eToro to Block US Users from Trading ADA and TRX from Next Month

eToro to Block US Users

eToro would delist Cardano’s ADA and TRX for US users beginning December 26 over what it termed as business-related concerns in the regulatory environment.

The exchange has announced that its US users will not open new TRX or ADA positions, and the staking of digital assets will not be available by December 31.

The payments for staking rewards would close after January 15 next year, and the exchange would make final payments in USD.

eToro says that those who wish can continue holding their positions in the two tokens and can sell anytime and receive their payout in USD.

The Tel Aviv-based exchange says that the platform’s automated portfolio, Smart Portfolio, would be turned into an open portfolio in the user’s portfolio.

eToro would reportedly limit users from selling their holdings in ADA and TRX in the first quarter of 2022. The platform says it would allow 30 days window period after offering support on its eToro money crypto wallet. The wallet is expected to launch next year.

Source: eToro

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