Ethereum Merge Testnet Goes Live In Preparation for PoS Consensus

Ethereum Merge Testnet

Ethereum Foundation has asked its network developers to run tests using Kiln, the last public testnet, before the migration to the proof-of-stake consensus.

Tim Beiko, the Ethereum developer, affirms that Kiln is now live and expected to be ready soon to merge with the Beacon Chain. The testnet was unveiled last week in the proof-of-work mode only.

The Merge is reportedly anticipated to come around June, although it was earlier scheduled for the first quarter of the year. About 10 million ether staked in the Beacon chain are currently fetching roughly 4.8% annual yield. 

Beiko notes that the launch of the testnet ahead of the Merge is an opportunity to allow the community to test their products through the Merge.

Kiln was initially launched as a proof-of-work testnet that reflected Ethereum’s operational environment. The testnet operates concurrently with the Beacon Chain, a PoW component of Ethereum 2.0.

Source: Twitter

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